About us


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HiMaTEK GambH is a competitive supplier of casting, forging, and pipe-industry standard products, made in Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Low-Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze/Brass, and Superalloy.

Our former Chinese foundry started serving customers from Europa, USA, and Australia, from year 2000. We are highly experienced in material grades, metaol processing, and project management.

Our products are mainly used in industries of General Machinery, Automobile, Medicine, Food, Chemical Engineering, Electronic, Sheepbuilding, Construction, Aerospace, Aircraft, and Pipe. Our colleagues in Beijing Office keep practising close communication, spot quality control, and reasonable logistic.

We are certificated with ISO9001:2008.

We keep serving our customers quick and professional communication and response. We take adavantage of timely delivery, stable quality, and competitive price.